Our Team

S1 Audio

Sound with tact that has an impact

Based in France and passionate about sound, two of our partners have extensive experience in the design and organisation of a wide variety of events, from corporate to underground, including large-scale festivals.

Faced with artists demanding an impeccable rendition of their music, they have worked to offer superb sound environments, whatever the technical difficulties, whether the live performances take place in arenas dating from the Gallo-Roman era, under a glass dome as tall as a cathedral or in a huge open space with multiple stages.

Finally, the in-depth knowledge of export of our third partner, developed for two decades in a major publishing house in Great Britain, completes our team. His expertise in the ins and outs of import-export is essential when you are expecting huge sound systems in distant countries and in the shortest possible time! It is the guarantee that everything will be done in the best possible way, without additional costs, easily and efficiently.

Solution One understands your challenges as integrators, installers, or providers. In fact, we know your needs and requirements because we have been in your shoes and have a great deal of experience in the field. This gives us the opportunity to respond to you in a true spirit of collaboration that begins from the first contact.

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